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Harrison farm

Celebrations. Animals. Teaching. 


Harrison Farm: Celebrations, Animals, Teaching

Harrison Farm is my home, and my great passion. I have spent my life here, tending to this land and the animals that live upon it.  From this farm I have found solace, challenges, peace, and purpose.  I have learned that animals and farming deeply enrich a person’s life.  It is my hope that others can experience this by visiting Harrison Farm to interact with its animals -- thereby gaining a greater appreciation for the circle of life and our place in it.


When my great-great-grandfather helped my great-grandparents to purchase this farm in 1927, it was a typical Midwestern farm of its era.  They never could have imagined that ninety years later the farm would host yoga sessions with goats, serve as a location for students to gain hands-on animal handling skills, or be operated by one of their female descendants.  As the fifth generation of my family at this particular farm, I strive to honor the lessons which my grandparents & my mother instilled in me as I find opportunities to share with my community the value of farming.

It brings me profound joy to share this farm that I love with others.  I want Harrison Farm to serve the community by providing opportunities to learn about animal agriculture, offering a place where guests can appreciate the peace of farmland, and providing the best products possible from animals who lead really good lives.  If you are looking for the best eggs from unruly chickens, please reach out to us.  If you want to purchase meat from animals that are raised with high standards, please reach out.  If you want to introduce your children to a real working farm, we would love to have you visit.  If you have always wanted to experience yoga or painting or photography with the sun shining on you, roosters crowing, and goats getting in your way . . . Please reach out!  Harrison Farm is a place for people seeking the joy that comes from being surrounded by animals, the lessons that are part of the circle of life, the dignity that is inherent to honest labor, and the peace that results from life on a farm.  I look forward to sharing the farm with you!


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